"We hired him to DJ our wedding. What a great choice! He not only handled emcee duties like a seasoned veteran, but the dance floor was packed all night!"

– Aiden Kemp


"Highly recommended. I can't recommend him highly enough."

–  Mark Anderson


"He was the DJ for our most recent corporate regional outside sales quarterly review and roadmapping meeting. He was nothing short of professional and impressive."

– Keith Knutson

​In late 1996, I picked up a set of Tech 1200's, mixer, needles and some records for cheap. Initially, I planned on flipping them, since we had multiple friends that dj'd at the time. Some of my buddies showed me the ropes and I ended up keeping them for myself, kept practicing and building my skills/talent.

I've always had a thing for music, so from there, my friends and I would sit for hours practicing like crazy!   In time, we taught ourselves mixing, battle-scratching, and beat juggling, the key elements of DJing

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